A SME can be considered and managed at three levels: strategic, tactical and operational.

  1. Strategic level: your external environment and all the functions of your SME taken into account globally.
  2. Tactical level: each function of your SME considered individually: finance, planning, procurement, operations, marketing, sales, human resources, research & development, etc.
  3. Operational level: your operations within a designated function.

Whenever you want to improve your strategy, 80% of your thinking time should be spent on the strategic level and only 20% on the tactical level. Forget the operational level, it’s not the right moment to do so.

Our unique methodologies

C2x™- Growth Strategy

We help you plan in 6 to 12 weeks how to double the value created by your SME within 5 years without risking everything.

Our unique C2x™ methodology allows you to make the right choices, mobilize your team around a common vision, and work on the right things.

Rr™ - Rapid recovery

We help you to recover from your current condition in 3 to 6 months in order to regain profitability.

Our unique methodology Rr™ allows you to get your head out of the water and get back to sleep.

De™ - Business design

design d'entreprise

We help you reinvent your value creation model in 12 months to trigger a more profitable growth for your SME.

Our unique methodology De™ allows you to avoid the obsolescence of your SME and to regain confidence in the future.

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