We help you to ensure the sustainability of your SME and increase your performance with a human, creative and highly participative approach.

Our unique solutions


Strategic planning

Make the right choices, mobilize your team on a common vision, and work on the right things.

Business design

Avoid the obsolescence of your SME and regain confidence in the future.

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing

Design a sales machine to empower your SME.

Value analysis

Sell products/services that are more profitable for you and your customers.

Organizational development

Organizational design

Eliminate organizational barriers that impact your employees’ performance.

Succession planning

Plan for the long-term continuity of your SME with the next generation.

Empowered company

Empower your employees, create strong commitment and attract new talent.

Cultural diagnosis

Identify the strengths and challenges in your SME’s culture.

Performance management

Performance management

Increase the productivity of your human and material resources from 10% to 20% without conflict or teeth grinding.

Operational excellence

Global planning

Increase the satisfaction of your customers by optimizing the use of your human, material and financial resources.

Space planning

Improve your operations and support sales growth.

Operational system

Facilitate the training of your employees to support your organic or acquisition growth.

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