Organizational development is a branch of human resources whose objective is to support the strategy of your SME from a human point of view.

Organizational development answers the following questions:

  1. Do we have the right people on the right chairs?
  2. Does our organizational structure hinder the achievement of our objectives?
  3. Do we have a succession plan?
  4. Are our roles, responsibilities and authorities clear, known and understood by all?
Our unique methodologies

Do™- Organizational design

We help you rethink in 3 months the organizational structure, roles, responsibilities and powers of your team in order to use it to its full potential.

Our unique methodology Do™ allows you to eliminate organizational barriers that hinder your employees’ performance.

Pr™ - Succession Planning

We help you in 3 months identify your successors, analyze their psychometric profiles, and define development plans to prepare them for their future leadership role.

Our unique methodology Pr™ allows you to plan the long-term sustainability of your SME with the next generation.


Dc™- Cultural diagnosis

Diagnostic culturel

We help you in 1 month to identify the fundamental elements of your company culture and to understand its uniqueness in order to better understand the issues.

Our unique Dc methodology allows you to identify the strengths and challenges of your SME’s culture.

Er™ - Empowered company

We help you to review your organizational structure in 12 months by implementing the Entreprise responsabilisée™model to ensure your sustainability.

Our unique methodology Er™ allows you to empower your employees, create strong commitment and attract new talent.

Entreprise responsabilisée

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