Pretty tempting, isn’t it?

Here are the 10 steps you should be taking right now to achieve failure.

  1. Ask all your departments to make a list of their main issues.
  2. Get together and spend 8 hours discussing your business mission and values.
  3. Establish a vision for your business including means, but absolutely no quantifiable elements.
  4. Start brainstorming in order to define projects that will solve all issues raised by your teams.
  5. Classify your 158 projects in order of importance.
  6. Use an Excel file for your strategic planning.
  7. Avoid follow-ups and never reevaluate projects during the course of the year.
  8. Hold a new strategic planning meeting three years later.
  9. Find out that fewer than 10% of the projects you defined 3 years earlier have been initiated and that none has been completed.
  10. Go back to step 1, rinse and repeat.

A Few Tips for Successful Strategic Planning

If success seems more interesting than failure to you, here are some tips for successful strategic planning:

  1. Read How to Make Sure Your Strategic Planning Is a Success in 5 Easy Steps.
  2. Review your mission and values. As an entrepreneur, your values must be reflected in your business. In theory, this exercise should not be too difficult…
  3. Establish a quantifiable long-term vision.
  4. Establish a quantifiable long-term vision. If your business is an SME, identify 2 to 4 quantifiable goals that are linked to your vision and need to be achieved within a year. Define one to three projects to achieve each goal.
  5. Define 1 to 3 projects that are required to achieve each goal.
  6. Apply the Improvement Kata to implement each of your projects.
  7. Hold your next strategic planning meeting 1 year later.

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